PeddireddyRamachandraReddy_Lorry_LokeshNara Lokesh has been going particularly hard against the YCP government in his ongoing Padayatra. He has been effectively using offline mediums and also social media for his all out attack on the YCP government.

Now, Nara Lokesh has comes down heavily on Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy, who is one of the close aides of Jagan.

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“This lorry is one of hundreds belonging to PLR Constructions owned by ‘Cruel’ Peddireddy. Every contract in the constituency – big and small – must be handled by Peddireddy’s family.” Lokesh tweeted

“Any one questioning them is either silenced with force or is killed and shown as natural death.” Lokesh added.

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Lokesh has taken a direct approach in the attack against Peddireddy and this latest tweet clearly implies the same. He is indeed making an educated allegation against Peddireddy and this will hit the YCP at the right spot as this is also the public’s opinion on the same.

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