KCR in CM office

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandra Sekhar Rao had conducted a review of the power position in the state. The decision of Andhra Pradesh government to cancel all the existing Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) will further hit the already power deficit Telangana. While the issue is still in Center’s court, KCR is busy arranging for alternatives to prepare for the worst case scenario.

Telangana government is planning to send a team to Chattisgarh to negotiate with the government and buy power from there. In case the deal is struck, Telangana government is planning to get in to a long term agreement and lay a direct power line from Chattisgarh to Telangana. KCR also urged officials not to take the PPAs issue with AP lightly and told them strictly that Telangana should get power according to the allocations in the bifurcation bill.