Last minute Jumping Japangs!

As the nominations time in Telangana ends tomorrow, all the political parties are letting out their candidates list. As the parties reveal their candidates, leaders who are rejected tickets are finding their ways in to other parties. The madness is at peaks even CPM Senior leader Nomula Narasimhaiah jumped in to TRS after being denied a ticket. Interestingly, TRS MLA candidates list contained more names of other party leaders than the party’s own leaders.

Few disappointed leaders are staging dharnas at their party offices. Yesterday a female TDP loyalist popped Sleeping pills after Devender Goud’s son Veerender is refused Uppal seat. Today, an activist tried committing suicide by burning himself with Kerosene at TRS bhavan after his leader was denied ticket.

A good example of leaders’ desperation is from Telugu Desam Party. Mynampalli Hanumantha Rao who was expecting the Malkajgiri MLA seat was disappointed after being let out by Chandra Babu. He met Sonia Gandhi along with Telangana Congress Committee President, Ponnala Lakshmaiah. But the Congress too refused seat for Mynampalli. And now Mynampalli is in meeting with KCR in his farm house. Earlier Mynampalli strongly defended TDP from TRS and used to abuse KCR very badly. On the other side, tomorrow is the last day for nominations in Telangana.