The countdown has started for the big day of election counting with the fate of future Netas sealed in the EVMs. However, problems arise as TDP candidates found about 30 EVMs in a private residence in Ongole and have immediately informed the police about it. After getting the immediate action, cops have cleared the fear that spreaded like wildfire. Police said the units found were not real EVMs and only the auxiliary equipment used to attach to EVMs for counting. Upon quick investigation the police discovered that Jilani Basha, who was carrying the unit boxes, had stayed at his relative’s house since it was late in the night. After a thorough check, police have informed the media and public who were gathered at the place. There is no reason to panic as they are not real EVMs and the unit boxes will be sent to a safe place immediately.

Round the clock security is being provided for the EVMs and the EC says that they have 3-tier security in every place where EVMs are kept.