Petrol PricesPetrol price has reached 107 Rupees per liter in Andhra Pradesh and 105 Rupees per liter in Telangana. Diesel has almost touched 100 Rupees (Price Per Liter) in Andhra Pradesh and is at 98 Rupees in Telangana.

Despite the pandemic and the bad financial condition of the people, the prices are increasing non-stop burdening the common man. Eenadu today published an article about who is the Culprit behind this burden. The Central and State taxes are the major contributors for the prices which are more than the actual price of the fuel.

Andhra Pradesh Government charges two Rupees more than Telangana Government in taxes. Central Government has increased the taxes every time when fuel prices came down in international markets without passing the benefit to the common man. But then when the prices in the international market increased, the increased taxes are not decreased.

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