Purandhareeswari joins BJP fold!
Vishakapatnam MP and recently resigned Union Minister, Daggubati Purandhareeswari decided to severe her 10 year ties with Congress Party and decided to plunge in to Bharatiya Janta Party to continue her political career. Speaking to media after her followers meet, Purandhareeswari said, “I am very much disturbed with the way Congress handled the state bifurcation. Even the important issues like Polavaram and others are ignored by the High command despite my repeated pleas to the GOM. I am also very much disturbed with the way Congress handled my constituency issue (Subba Rami Reddy issue)”.

She also said that she will be meeting BJP top brass tomorrow in Delhi. She also made it clear that she is interested in contesting from Vishaka once again but will not be putting any conditions to BJP. She was being quizzed about a possible alliance between TDP and BJP. She said, “Alliances are quite common in Politics. We are not thinking too much in to them now”.