Purandhareeswari to lead BJP in SA!
BJP’s current state President, Kishan Reddy is a hard core separatist and always looked like he is representing only one region of the state. With the state bifurcation turning in to reality, BJP is in hunt for trusted candidate to lead the party in Seema Andhra region. Politics in Andhra Pradesh mostly go on individual’s merit. There should be a face of the party who could be able to draw votes from the people. NTR/CBN from Telugu Desam, YSR for Congress then, Chiranjeevi for PRP and now Jagan for YSRCP are the crowd pullers.

BJP’s prime problem in Andhra Pradesh is no face of the party to lead them. Now sources say they are planning to cover this deficit with Purandhareeswari in Seema Andhra region. Purandhareeswari had a lot of charishma as daughter of Legend NTR. She also has the image of a clean and efficient parliamentarian. BJP top brass is planning to instill her as President of the party in the Seema Andhra region and let her lead the party there. On the other side, Purandhareeswari’s husband, Daggubati Venkateswara Rao had announced his retirement from politics.