If the rumours in political circles are to be believed, BC association President and 2014 TDP Chief Minister Candidate R.Krishnaiah is eyeing to jump in to the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samiti party. It is said that Krishnaiah is not happy being sidelined by the party after elections and is looking towards TRS. It is said that TDP has already sensed the feelers and is not intimating him about party legislatures meetings.

On the other side, if this happens it will be a big blow to Telangana wing of Telugu Desam Party. The party remains in Telangana with the support of BCs and Settlers. Krishnaiah’s exit will prove costly for them. On the other side, KCR will be more than happy to welcome Krishnaiah with open arms as he will get the crucial BC support to TRS. Also the Telangana Chief Minister will also get nearer to his dream of bringing TDP close to end in the region.