T-Bill discussion on even amid ruckus!

In the wake of heavy confusion and disarray, the discussion on Telangana Bill is going on in Parliament. The discussion on Telangana bill was initiated by Home Minister, Sushil Kumar Shinde but the house was later adjourned as things are not in order. Finally when the house resumed, Shinde completed his speech and later Sushma Swaraj spoke at length about their commitment to Telangana state and also addressed the concerns of Seema Andhra people

Congress pinned high hopes on passing the bill today as Seema Andhra MPs are suspended from the house. However, Seema Andhra Union Ministers are joined by MPs of CPM, Samajwadi Party and Biju Janta Dal. They together stalled the proceedings of the house. Sonia Gandhi is very disturbed with their actions and directed Parliamentary Affairs minister, Kamalnath to speak to those party leaders and stop them barging to Speaker’s well tomorrow.