TDP faces the heat due to new comers!
Chandra Babu Naidu had opened the gates and there is a huge exodus of Congress men coming in to the party from the last few days. TDP’s chances brightened in the Seema Andhra and the leaders from finished Congress party are joining TDP in huge numbers. Leaders who are traditionally against TDP for several years are also boarding the cycle. As a result, the existing leaders of TDP in the region are feeling uncomfortable.

For an example, differences arose in Chandragiri Assembly segment. Galla Aruna Kumari, former minister in Congress government recently joined TDP and is playing a crucial role in the local elections. This irked the existing leaders of the region, Bhupal Naidu, Murali Naidu and others. It is told that both the groups pelted stones at each other and created a big ruckus in the meeting on Wednesday night. Similar scenes await in several constituencies. The party’s winning chances will depend a lot on how Chandra Babu handle these issues!