BCs which constitute about 50% of voters in Andhra Pradesh can be agame changer as always. Chandra Babu Naidu is trying to woo them towards TDP by giving BC declaration which gives special budgetallocation and 100 seats for BCs alone. It is not always easy to give 100 seats to BCs for traditional party for TDP. But looks like TDP is heading in that direct. has the access to the primaryreport of TDP’s possible candidates list. So far, 85 seats are allocated to BCs and TDP Supremo, Chandra Babu Naidu is hell bent on reaching the 100 mark.

If they manage it, it will be an achievement for sure as caste politics will be on a high for this elections. Once they finalize the 100 candidates list, TDP is all set to increase the campaign toattract BCs. TDP has also announced a BC Chief Minister for Telangana if voted to power.