TDP-Vs-YSR-Congres---Mood-of-2019-Resembling-That-of-2014The Political Mood in Andhra Pradesh is gaining heat as the election date is nearing. Chandrababu, Jagan, and Pawan Kalyan are toiling in the harsh sun to make last attempts to woo the voters. According to the political analysts, Janasena’s effect may not be significant in this election and the contest is open between TDP and YSR Congress.

The mood of this election significantly resembles that of 2014 elections. YSR Congress used to be very confident of coming to Power and Jagan’s meetings used to draw big crowds that terrify the other parties. TDP despite having the support of Modi Wave and Pawan Kalyan still looked shaky till the last minute.

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Things are more or less the same for this election as well. YSR Congress is confident and Jagan continues to bring in big crowds. TDP which had the support of BJP and Janasena back then now has the cushion given by the huge Social Welfare Schemes. Due to back to back favorable surveys to YSR Congress, TDP cadre is in two minds like 2014.

Now, the Big Question is if the 2014 Results will be repeated in 2019 as well. Jagan may not allow the very thought of defeat since a new regional party cannot sustain in politics without being in Power for more than a decade. We will get to know what is in the Voters’ mind only on May 23rd.

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