Telangana Bill on its way to Center

Andhra Pradesh Reorganization bill-2013 is on its way to Delhi. The state Assembly had consolidated all the views expressed by the members and all of them are translated in to English. Assembly Secretary, Raja Sada Ram on Saturday handed over it to Andhra Pradesh Chief Secretary, Prasanna Kumar Mahanthi. The bill will be sent to Home Ministry tomorrow morning by a team of officials on Air India flight. We are said that resolution moved by Assembly rejecting the bill is not sent to Center.

9072 modification proposals were received and 86 MLAs spoke in the house on the Telangana Bill. As soon as the bill reaches the Center. The Group of Ministers (GOM) is expected to meet and discuss the bill and its future course. This meeting is expected to take place on February 6th/7th. They will be sending the final bill to the Cabinet which will send it to President. Pranab in turn will place the bill in Parliament.