Revanth Reddy Hyderabad Roads

A significant concern among Hyderabad residents is the intricate network of U-turns causing traffic issues.

Congress has won big in the recently concluded Telangana assembly elections. Recently a post on Twitter/X asked people to suggest one big change that newly appointed Chief Minister Revanth Reddy should make once he takes up his position.

In response many Hyderabadi netizens urged Chief Minister Revanth Reddy to address the problem, emphasizing that these U-turns contribute to traffic jams rather than easing the flow.

Commuters, particularly on the east-west and southwest-northwest corridors, express frustration over the convoluted U-turns, leading to slow traffic throughout the day.

Despite police officials claiming smooth traffic, citizens argue that the numerous turns are causing inconvenience and delays.

Several locations in the city, including near the Biodiversity flyover and IKEA junction, witness restricted traffic movements due to U-turns and ongoing infrastructure projects.

Though designed to enhance traffic flow, the increasing number of vehicles results in slowdowns, especially when buses take U-turns.

The addition of new flyovers, closures of signals, and the setup of U-turn junctions contribute to the growing chaos, leading to further congestion and inconvenience for motorists.

Revanth Reddy also in the past had expressed his concern about the U-turns making it difficult for the road commuters in Hyderabad. We will have to see if he will take any measures to solve this issue or if he will also take a U-turn (pun intended).