Arvind Kejriwal is the latest hope of ‘Change’ Politics in India. He rose to Power in the National Capital defying all odds. However, Kejriwal found himself clueless just 6 months before the General elections. His difficult promises will make life difficult to the state exchequer while not fulfilled will make life difficult for his party’s poll prospects in Lok Sabha polls. His on road dharna and recent ruckus in Assembly are his plans to resign and take a safe exit.

Also with him at the helm of Delhi Politics, it will be difficult to tour the entire nation and campaign for Lok Sabha elections. Finally he got that safe exit successfully. One more gain he was looking is the immediate election to Delhi Assembly so that his party gets full majority. However, the Lieutenant Governor imposed President’s Rule postponing the elections for 6 more months. After 24 hours of his resignation, Aam Admi Party announced that Kejriwal will be contesting Lok Sabha elections and will also spearhead their poll campaign.