Jagan Going To Defy Court Orders?Andhra Pradesh High Court has given a ruling that Amaravati will continue to be the Capital of Andhra Pradesh. The court ordered that all development works be completed in six months.

The court also ordered that farmers who have given their lands for the capital should be given developed plots with all amenities in three months. But then, it looks like Jagan Government is not serious about it.

In the budget tabled yesterday, the Government has allocated 1329.21 Crores for Capital development. 800 Crore is expected as central government’s grant and the remaining for the interests on capital loans, payments to farmers, and pensions to the poor.

It is a joke that Central Government would give 800 Crore to Amaravati. We have seen no such allocation from Center to Amaravati after the government changed. If the 800 Crore is not there, there is no allocation for Amaravati in the budget.

That means Jagan Government is getting ready to defy the court orders. Or maybe, the state government is planning to approach the Supreme Court and get a stay on High Court orders.