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Over Creativity Kills Rajakumari


“U” Certified

Nara RohitWhat Is the Film About?
A villain Arjun Chakravarthy (Nara Rohit) loses his mojo after an accident. To regain his mojo back, he must face the biggest enemy of his life. Who is that greatest villain in Arjun’s life and what revenge he takes to get back to his work? What happens in the process is what the film is all about?

How Is Nara Rohit’s Performance?
With Nara Rohit, it is business as usual. He gets a different character and acts the same with few good dialogues thrown in. Here in Kathalo Rajakumari, he has to do emotional performance more than usual and also perform with full of attitude briefly. He is okay on both scores but lacks the charisma to take it to the next level.

Director Mahesh SurapaneniDirection by Mahesh Surapaneni?

Debutant Mahesh S provides story, screenplay, and dialogues apart from direction. We will look at it individually and then as a whole. The story of the film sounds novel, but the problem is not all original stories are good. Not sometimes but many times too much creativity is also a major hindrance to the project. Kathalo Rajakumari gets its foundation wrong with a contrite story.

Still, the story is not a big issue when the screenplay and dialogues are good. We have countless examples where the story is routine and predictable, and yet they succeed and manage to entertain because the screenplay and dialogues work in its favor. With Kathalo Rajakumari, the dialogues are alright, but the screenplay is terrible.

One gets a feeling that nothing is happening at all and then suddenly we get an interval. There is a twist at interval point, but that feels forced and unnecessary, especially after we get to know what happens next, post-intermission.

The second half has better moments compared to the first half, and there is a feeling of cohesive narrative. But by the time the emotions are built for the main characters, there is a complete loss of interest. People frankly don’t care, and things drag from that point till a fairy tale end. On the whole, there are only brief parts in the second half between the selling of nursery and its recovery by the hero and subsequent realization that the movie engages. Songs and performances help but with a weak story and terrible job at screenplay it feels a little too late. Poor visualization and making don’t help either. The dialogues are alright. In the end, even with those brief moments, Kathalo Rajakumari fails to engage as a whole and ends up being an easily skippable movie.

Namitha PramodThe heroine and other artists performance?Namitha Pramod looks awkward in few scenes, but overall she is a good performer. She acts well and does her part with interest. Naga Shaurya is wasted in an inconsequential role. Prabhas Sreenu and Ajay are fine. Other recognizable actors are present but with zero importance.

music-directorMusic and Other Departments?Musically the film is nice with both Ilaiyaraja and Vishal Chandrasekhar delivering the required. The background score is passable. The cinematography is bad. Editing should have been better. Dialogues are good in parts.

Heroine performance
Short length

Very few engaging moments

Naga ShouryaAlternative Take
It would have been interesting if heroine too was part of the film industry.

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Kathalo Rajakumari Review by Siddartha