IPl 2024

The ongoing season of the IPL has reached its halfway point with the majority of the teams having played nearly 7 games thus far.

Coming to the important game today, Chennai Super Kings will be taking on Lucknow Super Giants today. This is going to be an important mid table clash.

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Chennai and Lucknow are third and fifth on the points table currently with the former having 4 out of six and the latter having won 3 out of six games.

The game is to be played at the Lucknow stadium which is a mixed surface that keeps both batters and bowlers interested.

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This could well be the last time Dhoni plays at the Lucknow stadium so the stakes are particularly high on the same. Fans will be eager to catch a glimpse of Dhoni in the same.

A win here will nearly seal the deal for Chennai and they could be through to the playoffs by moving to the second position. On the other hand, Lucknow will be as determined for the win as they too will be looking to progress ahead on the table.

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