SS-RajamouliThe Maestro of modern day Indian Cinema is gearing up for his next creation. S.S. Rajamouli has started to put together a team for his upcoming movie.

After the global success of RRR and the win at the Oscars, the stakes for a new Rajamouli film are higher than ever.

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The news came as a surprise for everyone and the internet is going berserk. But here’s the catch, Rajamouli himself will not be directing the movie but rather ‘presenting’ it to the audience. The movie, which will be about Indian cinema, it’s birth and rise, doesn’t have any official director yet.

To find the perfect director who could bring Rajamouli’s vision and imagination to the screens is a tough job for anyone. Because Rajamouli has been familiar with big budget, grand sets, sequences and it could be seen in his previous movies.

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Reports have called this unnamed project as Rajamouli’s Magnum Opus. No details about the cast and crew is available as of now. But, Rajamouli’s name is enough to pique everyone’s curiosity in the project