Buchi Brings Unnecessary Pressure On SukumarA couple of days ago, snaps of Sukumar and Uppena fame Buchi Babu in a deep conversation went viral on social media. It was reported that Buchi Babu is helping Sukumar with Pushpa 2 script.

Buchi Babu has now tweeted that he doesn’t have the stature or expertise to help his Guru, Sukumar and it is the latter who is helping him out with his next script. Incidentally, Buchi Babu’s tweet is in turn leading to more pressure on Sukumar.

“It has been 8 months since Pushpa released and you still haven’t started shooting the second part. You(Sukumar) should first work on Pushpa 2. There is still a lot of time for Buchi Babu’s next film with NTR. Your first focus should be on Pushpa 2 and not on Buchi’s film with NTR” Allu Arjun’s fans comment on Sukumar.

Bunny’s fans are clearly not pleased with Sukumar working on the script for Buchi Babu’s film while he is yet to take Pushpa 2 onto the floors.