rajamouli-the-hype-master-at-work-againSS Rajamouli is not just a master of emotions and elevations, but he is also brilliant at the marketing of the movie and generating hype. It is already at work with RRR.

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The moment SS Rajamouli updated his Twitter header photo with two of the biggest stars in Telugu cinema, there was a fire on social media. Since then, the ‘Baahubali’ director has been making all the right moves and keeping the film in the headlines without actually revealing anything.

Obviously, the real journey has only begun today and there is a long way to go, but the mastery lies in the fact that the excitement is only going up. In a way, it is also necessary for Rajamouli as it takes a very long time for his movies to get complete. Usually, people lose interest with such long in making productions.

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It is also therefore not surprising that Rajamouli is seen dominating RRR for now, and will do so for a foreseeable future despite the presence of Jr NTR and Charan. The stars too don’t seem to mind which indicates a healthy camaraderie all-around.