Rajinikanth’s devoted fans!Actor Rajinikanth is famous for his style and acting and has the highest fan following in South, so much so that there are several fan clubs about the superstar. Rinku Kalsy, a popular filmmaker went all the way to Sholinghur, a place near Chennai, to interview the President of that club and his fans to make a 90-minute documentary on Rajni fans. Accompanying the filmmaker to the interview with N Ravi of Rajinikanth Fan Club was a seven-member crew and they resided at a guesthouse opposite the fan club president’s house.

The thought of interviewing N Ravi came to Rinku’s mind when she saw a piece about him in a local newspaper in Chennai. According to the report, the Sholinghur fan club’s 500 members counting Ravi climbed 1,200 steps of the famous Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple on their knees to pray for Rajnikanth’s film’s success. Rinku said that while her her expectation was someone flamboyant, Ravi turned out to be a very simple person.

Rinku says her film on Rajni fans is in post-production stage “Once it is ready I am planning to show it in film festivals all over the world,” of-course Chennai Rajni fans are excited about the idea.