With elections in few months time the political parties are once again looking at few stars to be ready and campaign for their parties in the coming months. We have already heard a lot about Pawan Kalyan for example. The actor has been this time sought by a rival party to be their poster boy at elections this time by a section while another section still wants its original poster boy Jr NTR to return in time to campaign for the party. As we have reported sometime back they even trended this topic on social networking sites too.

Apart from these two there is Nandamuri Balakrishna who is not just expecting to campaign but also contest for the elections this time. Although an exact location has not been disclosed sources say the party is closely looking at few places where the star could file his nomination. The common thing with the three which is rising all this political speculation is that these actors are going to wrap their shootings just in time to make way for all campaigning.

But the real question still remains that will people buy what they sell. Will people believe whatever they tell? If one were to go by the previous elections results it can be safely said that these stars added nothing to or did nothing to sway the mood of the public. Fact is that the people they endorsed the places they campaigned, their respective parties lost by a big margin. And that was the same in elections before 2009 as well. So, why does the political parties, still run after all these stars knowing very well the past results? Will they bring in any change in people’s mindset this time and show an impact this time around? What do you think, share us your thoughts?