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Sivaji-90s-A-Middle-Class-Biopic-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

More than just a concrete storyline, ’90s – A Middle Class Biopic’ focuses on crafting relatable moments from the middle-class life of the 90s, evoking family emotions. It narrates the tale of a middle-class teacher’s family, exploring their journey in dealing with various emotions within both the family dynamics and the school environment.


90’s – A Middle Class Biopic features a limited cast, mostly centered around a family, with each character chosen perfectly.

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Sivaji, portraying a middle-class father, husband, and strict math teacher, delivers precisely the required performance—neither more nor less. He establishes a strong connection after a couple of episodes, maintaining it till the end. His simple yet impactful performance defines the true actor in him.

Vasuki Anand, in the role of the mother and wife, brings a refreshing and positive presence to the show, delivering exactly what’s needed with her lovely screen presence.

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The kids’ characters, portrayed by Mouli, Vasanthika, and the show-stealer Rohan, warm our hearts. All three kids gradually make their impressions, never making us feel like they are acting -a significant success.

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Director Aditya HaasanAnalysis

90’s – A Middle Class Biopic” is directed by Aditya Hasan. At a high level, he has many moments in hand, not a typical story, but he is successful in recreating, and the best part is consistency.

For creating nostalgia, multiple things are crucial – writing, casting, and setting. Here, the director gets the crucial departments right.

To begin with, he does not have conflict in hand; the show needs to run on simple, relatable emotions, and character presentation should deliver without overperforming a pinch extra. This is where director Aditya scores big in extracting the right dose.

The middle-class house, character behavior within the house, the simple emotions within the family, and the continuous humor that flows in the school or classroom, everything flows organically. It slowly establishes a connection and grows as we watch further.

One might feel some pacing issues, especially in the episodes towards the end, but the positivity that sticks by then overcomes these. And the final episode offers a nice emotional touch and feels like a neat wrap-up for season one.

On the flip side, the ’90s setup isn’t explored much more. I hope the director delves deeper into this as it ends with an announcement for Season 2.

Although the makers used ’90s for the title, it looks more like the 2000s, which is kind of misleading. And the way characters switch between the Telangana accent and regular accent looks a bit off, and this could have been easily avoided.

Overall, ’90s – A Middle Class Biopic can’t be missed if you’re a fan of simple, relatable dramas with fine performances and genuine fun. Watch it with the whole family for an even better experience.

90s-A-Middle-Class-Biopic-TV-Series_ReviewPerformances by Others Actors

The show has a very limited supporting cast, but whenever they appear, they seamlessly blend into the proceedings, which is the best part. The boy portraying Mouli’s friend delivers a genuine performance, including a couple of ROFL scenes, while the girl, played by Snehal Kamat, performs decently.

Music and Other Departments?

Producer-Rajasekhar-Medaram90’s – A Middle Class Biopic employs a clever approach to cinematography; the visuals capture a limited space to maintain the ’90s vibe, and DOP Azeem Mohammad excels in this endeavor.

The music by Suresh Bobbili significantly contributes to maintaining the overall tone, especially the background bit songs that elevate the fun vibe to a whole new level, even though they are few.

The production quality by the team of Naveen Medaram and Rajashekhar Medaram is commendable.


Cast and performances

Simple but effective writing

Emotions within the middle-class setup

Genuine, consistent vibe throughout


Not exploring deeper

Limiting ’90s scope and setup

Inconsistent tone in Telangana and other accent

90s-A-Middle-Class-Biopic-Series-ReviewDid I Enjoy It?


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