Bhamakalapam 2 Movie Review

Low-Stake Housewife Heist


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What Is the Film About?

Priyamani, known for her hyperactivity, once again finds herself in trouble, but this time it involves a large-scale robbery she must pull off with the help of Sharanya Pradeep and two others. The reason for the heist and its final outcome form the storyline of ‘Bhamakalapam 2.


Priyamani is the lifeline of Bhamakalapam 2. She utilizes her lean, fitted body to execute the hyper actions required in the film, and her screen presence, conveyed through simple expressions, adds to its appeal. She delivers precisely what is needed for a low-stakes film like Bhamakalapam, and that deserves due credit.

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Sharanya Pradeep, who is slowly gaining attention and appreciation once again, delivers a neat performance in this film. She brings refreshing facial expressions, and her Telangana dialect adds freshness to her acting. She would be an asset to any film if given a properly written support role.

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‘Bhamakalapam 2’ the second installment in the Bhamakalapam series, is directed by Abhimanyu Tadimeti. Right from the beginning, he knows he’s not attempting something grand but rather aiming for a simple yet entertaining watch for home viewers, and he sets his target accordingly.

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What works in ‘Bhamakalapam 2 ‘ is the simple setup and key characters behaving with a ‘don’t take me seriously, I do it for fun, just sit back and enjoy ‘ attitude. This approach indeed works for generating fun.

However, as the latter part becomes more serious with the heist, the flaws become apparent. The writing and execution, while convenient, lack depth. The fun factor diminishes, and basic writing and ordinary execution become evident.

The entire heist isn’t impressive, but it isn’t boring either. The ending moments are merely acceptable, with nothing particularly praiseworthy.

Overall, ‘Bhamakalapam 2 ‘ offers an easy, fun, passable home watch with enough enjoyable moments and a touch of intrigue. However, don’t expect seriousness or logic.

Performances by Others Actors

BhamaKalapam 2 is filled with several supporting cast members like Anuj Gurwara, Raghu Mukherjee, Chaitu Jonnalagadda, Sundip Ved, Brahmaji, and others, and most of them perform within their limitations. Raghu Mukherjee stands out among the crowd as the role also offers him the space to deliver.

Seerat Kapoor in a glamorous role is adequate and fits the bill.

Music and Other Departments?

Prashanth R Vihari composed the music for BhamaKalapam 2, mainly focusing on the background score where he needs to deliver, and he does a decent job with that. Though not extraordinary, he adds value to the film’s overall impact with his work.

Deepak Yaragera’s camera work is decent for an OTT film, and the editing by Viplav Nyshadam could have been more sharp.


Priyamani and Sharanya Pradeep

Fun moments

A bit of suspense


Predictable narration

Convenient heist scenes

Weak climax

Did I Enjoy It?


Will You Recommend It?

Yes, remember, this is a low-stakes film, nothing grand.

Bhamakalapam 2 Movie Review by M9