EC bans 'Aayanosthunnadu' ads!

YSR Congress’ ‘Aayanosthunnadu’ Ads on TV managed to garner decent response from the targeted segment of people. But those ads received flak from the Election Commission. It is mandatory to get election ads to be reviewed by Election commission before airing them in media. But YSR Congress ignored this part totally and are running the ads constantly for more than 10 days.

EC banned the ‘Fan gurthuku Voteyyandi… Dhummu dhulapandi’ ads with immediate effect. However, YSR Congress leaders applied for permission just hours before the ban. It is reliably said that they have to bear EC’s anger. The commissioner reportedly said, “Did you get time now? But airing the ads for more than 10 days?”. They clarified to the party that this is a breach of election code of conduct and issued notices to the party for explanation. We will have to see what YSR Congress got to say in their defense!