Four Strong Aspirants In A Single Constituency For TDPYS Jagan had engineered a rift in TDP by ensuring that Vallabhaneni Vamsi defect to YSR Congress. The Gannavaram MLA was a three-time MLA from TDP and had badmouthed Chandrababu Naidu big time.

He is also behind the indecent remarks about Chandrababu‘s wife. Meanwhile, ever since Vamsi joined YSR Congress, Vamsi’s faction and Yarlagadda’s faction were at loggerhead.

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Yarlagadda Venkat Rao has contested against Vamsi in 2019 and lost. Jagan made him an MLC to solve the issue but that did not. Buzz in the constituency is that Yarlagadda is going to switch over to TDP and will be the party’s candidate for Gannavaram.

There are rumors in the constituency that Vamsi is under severe pressure and may not even contest in 2024. Also, there is sympathy over Yarlagadda in the constituency. The sympathy over the 2019 defeat and accessibility to the people will help him in the election, sources say.

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At the same time, Former MP Lagadapati Raja Gopal’s son and TDP MLA Gadde Rammohan Rao’s wife Anuradha, Vangaveeti Radha are also expecting the seat. After losing a sitting MLA (that too a three-time MLA), TDP has too many options for a single constituency.