Tv9 is not back in Telangana?Has the ban on Tv9 been lifted in Telangana and the channel is being aired in all areas of the state? The quick answer would be No. As some of the web media sources reported Tv9 is not yet restored. Nonetheless, couple of major network holders started airing Tv9 programs in Hyderabad city.

Telanagana has a total of 51 registered MSOs and so far Hathway and Citivision have resumed their broadcast which would cover most of the Hyderabad city. A decision from remaining 49 cable MSOs are still pending at this time. If these MSOs too clear the ban then the entire state would be covered for Tv9, as indicated by sources.

However, the ban on ABN channel is still continuing and journalists are holding protests at media point in Assembly demanding blockade on their channel.