YS Jagan Power BlindAndhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has taken two flip-flops in less than 24 hours. The other day, the Government had repealed the bills pertaining to the three capitals. It has been admitted that the bills are flawed and better bills with wider consultations will be brought in soon.

The other day, the Government moved a motion to withdraw the Assembly’s earlier resolution to abolish the council. Back then, TDP has stalled the three capitals bills with its majority in the council. The Chief Minister delivered a long speech about why Council is a waste of public resources.

The resolution was passed by the assembly and was sent to the Central Government. Jagan has moved the resolution even though he is aware that his party would attain a majority in two and a half years. Back then, Jagan supporters used to portray it as the greatness of Jagan to abolish the council even though YSRCP will get the majority later.

The Center is sitting on the request and YSR Congress has got the majority in the council. AP Assembly retracted the earlier resolution saying that the suggestions of the experts in Council are needed for the administration. “Jagan is either hasty due to inexperience or Power-blind. All these flip-flops portray his lack of stability,” TDP alleges