Guntur Kaaram Movie Review



U/A, 2h 42m

What Is the Film About?

Ramana (Mahesh Babu) has been separated from his mother (Ramya Krishnan) since childhood. She marries someone else and becomes a political heir for her father, Prakash Raj. Guntur Kaaram delves into the events surrounding her abandonment of her son, the person behind it, and how Ramana brings his mother back into the family, reuniting her with his father.


Mahesh Babu, as Ramana, gives his all to the character. It’s his free-flowing energy that keeps the film running despite numerous other issues. Trivikram makes the best use of Mahesh Babu’s comedy timing, which has been missing in his recent films. The idea of Mahesh smoking ‘Beedi’ is a mixed bag; it elevates some scenes but looks unnecessary in others. Mahesh’s styling is much improved compared to his previous film, be it his hairstyle or the shirts he wears – they suit him well.

Surprisingly, the reserved actor Mahesh puts his best foot forward in dances. Not just in the mass number ‘Kurchi Madatha Petti,’ but also in a medley where he dances with Sreeleela. Mahesh steals the spotlight more than Sreeleela ; he is at ease, and it shows.

Sreeleela plays the main actress in the film, and there is hardly anything other than dances to speak about her. There isn’t anything to act or perform for the character, and she just comes across as a regular heroine rather than the star heroine screen presence.

The other actress, Meenakshi Chaudhary, gets a regrettable role. Not sure, if she should feel happy for being part of a Mahesh – Trivikram film or regretful; that’s how her role is.


Guntur Kaaram marks the third collaboration between director Trivikram Srinivas and Mahesh Babu. Trivikram selected an interesting story with potential for emotion and action but succeeded only partially.

The movie kicks off with the story without wasting any time, and within a few minutes, the audience gets an idea about the core plot. This is where the director’s work needs to shine.

The entire first half revolves around getting a signature from Ramana (Mahesh). The reason itself seems weak, lacking weight in current-day politics, even cinematically.

There is a very brief role for the mother character in the first half, indicating that Trivikram may have saved the best for the second half.

What works in the first half is Mahesh’s free-flowing energy in dances and the dialogues tailored for a star like him. Some moments are effective, making it a passable first half, despite key roles like Sreeleela making no impact in the love track.

The biggest problem in the second half or what Guntur Kaaram lacks is the son and mother bonding or the vibe. It never shows on screen; the fact that there is not even a single memorable scene between them indicates how weakly it is presented.

Ramya Krishna, being a core part of the story, appears briefly in the second half as well. The comedy that is supposed to work looks pale, for example, Sreeleela’s Insta reel comedy. It is surprising to see subpar humor work in a director like Trivikram’s film in 2024. Also, the movie is filled with several influences from other films, possibly from the director’s own works.

Even the core blocks like Prakash Raj revealing his true colors to his daughter make no impact. And in the end, when Ramana unites with his mother, there is hardly any feel or emotion. Even the climax makes no impact when leaving the theater.

But despite all this, there is only one positive factor, and that is Mahesh with his free-flowing ease. The dialogues written for him work, even though intermittently. The mass song that comes in the second half is fantastic and raises the energy.

Overall, Guntur Kaaram can be watched once with low expectations during the festive season, without expecting much originality, action, or emotions, other than Mahesh’s energy.

Performances by Others Actors

Guntur Kaaram has a truckload of supporting cast, but few get consistent screen time, like Vennela Kishore, for example. He delivers what is written for him comfortably, even though his combo scenes with the hero are not funny all the time.

Surprisingly, in a Trivikram film, a performer like Ramya Krishnan gets a poorly written core character where there is not a single scene that is worthy of mentioning about her performance or the writing. This shows how weak the emotional work was in the writing department.

Jagapathi Babu, in a brief role, makes no impact; rather, he comes across as cartoonish and funny. Others like Jayaram, Rao Ramesh, Easwari Rao, Brahmaji, Murali Sharma, Raghu Babu, etc., make no impact on the film; they just deliver their usual act.

Music and Other Departments?

Thaman delivered one mass number that worked well standalone audio-wise, and it is the highlight song of the film as well. However, when it comes to BGM, he outrightly disappoints with his overly loud BGM, rather than his work elevating the scenes.

Thaman’s BGM in several scenes sounds like an extremely loud score more suitable for horror films. Overseas prints also have sound mixing issues, and the overly loud BGM, which is not usual, intermittently creates discomfort.

Cinematography by Manoj Paramahamsa is not up to the current standards of a star-hero film. It gives an outdated feel and makes the overall film look very ordinary visually. Navin Nooli’s editing is patchy in several scenes, and there are several boredom blocks that could have been easily edited out.

Production values by Haarika Haasaini are adequate.


Mahesh’s energy and ease

Intermittent fun

Couple of dance blocks


Weak emotions

Frequent boredom

Not so impactful writing

Ordinary humor

Did I Enjoy It?

Yes, in parts

Will You Recommend It?

Okay for festive watch but keep expectaions low.

Final Report:

Guntur Kaaram relies heavily on Mahesh’s energy, with a thin plot and weak emotions. There are a few moments and dances that will please fans. Overall, it has just enough spice for a festival watch. Keep your expectations low.

First Half Report:

First half of Guntur Kaaram is in the passable zone, mainly due to Mahesh’s comedy timing and heroism. The interval is alright, a stronger second half is needed.

The story in Guntur Kaaram begins right from the first scene. Stay tuned for the first half report.

Guntur Kaaram Review, USA Premiere report soon, stay tuned.

Guntur Kaaram marks the magical combination of Mahesh Babu and Trivikram Srinivas, and the expectations are high for this duo. Mahesh is set to entertain in a mass role before moving on to his pan-India project with Rajamouli.

Though Thaman’s music isn’t up to the mark, the song “Kurchi Madathapetti” did what is needed for a mass film. There’s a great deal of interest in watching Trivikram after a long gap, hoping he delivers a quality mass entertainer on par with his standards.

Cast: Mahesh Babu, Sreeleela, Meenakshi Chaudhary

Director: Trivikram

Music: Thaman S
Cinematography: Manoj Paramahamsa
Editor: Navin Nooli
Art Director – A.S. Prakash

Producer: S. Radha Krishna(Chinababu)
Banner – Haarika & Hassine Creations

U.S. Distributor: Prathyangira Cinemas