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Jr NTRWhat is the film Jai Lava Kusa about?
Jai (Jr NTR) wants to be a big politician but he has no good image among the public. He also likes Simran (Nivetha Thomas) and wants to marry her. How Jai (Jr NTR) gets Lava (Jr NTR) and Kusa (Jr NTR) to do whatever is needed for him and what happens in the end, is what the film is all about.

How is NTR’s performance?
Jr NTR does triple roles in Jai Lava Kusa which gives him the opportunity to show his acting talents. But has he shown what everyone expects?

Jr NTR has given a superb performance, one that is fine on all accounts but it is a very predictable one at the same time. The only fresh aspect here is stammering which adds a new dimension but even that feels repetitive after a point. Jr NTR usually has few pitches in his acting, in Jai Lava Kusa those pitches have been individualized into three different characters.

The aggressive and emotional character is Jai, classy and mature type is Lava and entertainer is Kusa. Usually, all these parts are essayed by Jr NTR in a single role. In his films, the emotional and aggressive performance is loved by fans, in Jai Lava Kusa that is turned entirely into a character of Jai. No wonder it’s immensely liked by everyone. It easily dominates the other two characters. Overall, it’s Jr NTR show all the way despite it not being his career best.

K. S. RavindraDirection By K. S. Ravindra?
Jai Lava Kusa is the third film of director Bobby. His first was Power and the second film was Sardar Gabbar Singh. The two films were as contrasting as they can get. So where do the third film gets placed compared to the two? Well, we have to say it is somewhere in between Power and Sardaar Gabbar Singh.

Story-wise Jai Lava Kusa offers nothing new. It is another regular commercial entertainer but with a triple role caveat. As usual films like these need strong screenplay and that’s where the movie falters like many other commercial entertainer. The screenplay offers no excitement as everything goes in a predictable way. Even the predictable part feels like going through motions with zero emotions developed. Even that would have made for a passable outing but that is not the case here due to the inconsistent tone the movie gets into.

The emotional graph of the film is what lets down the whole enterprise. There is comedy and drama and it is neatly done, if we see them independently. The problem here is they are always part of an ongoing sequence. The best example here can be given when Lava visits Priya at her engagement party. It should be a funny sequence and it has funny moments but Lava turns it into drama whenever he appears. The result is the sequence doesn’t work either as comedy or as drama. The same is true of many scenes involving Lava and Kusa. The unevenness they bring to the screenplay is the films biggest issue. The best moments, therefore, are few and they come when the characters gets into the unity of emotion. The pre-climax stage scene is a perfect example where everything works out well due to a consistent emotional flow. Sadly, such scenes are very few. In the end, there is a noble intention and good core point but the execution makes one disinterested in the narrative. It is a decent one time watch for fans but that’s all it has in it.

Raashi KhannaRaashi Khanna and others?
There are two major heroines Nivetha and Rashi Khanna apart from Nanditha. The heroines have small but significant parts as far as narrative goes. Performance wise there is nothing much to talk though. Brahmaji, Pradeep Rawat, Sathya, Praveen and few more known artists are present but none have a proper defined role to make any impact.

Devi Sri PrasadMusic and other departments?
Music by Devi Sri Prasad is below par audio wise. On screen they are comparatively better with Tring Tring being the best of the lot thanks to Jr NTR’s dances. The background score is passable. Chota K Naidu’s cinematography is alright considering the big scale of the movie. Editing is fine. Choreography of songs could have been better overall.

Nivetha ThomasHighlights?
Pre-climax drama scene

Flat screenplay
Gets monotonous after a point
Inconsistent narrative

Jr NTRAlternative Take
All that the film needed was a narrative consistency and that could have been achieved by avoiding the odd comedy punches. It is difficult but consistent tone would make hell of a lot difference.

Did I enjoy it?
In parts

Will you recommend it?
It’s a film for the fans.

Jai Lava Kusa Review by Siddartha Toleti

Jai Lava Kusa Movie Review

– Jai saves his brothers Lava and Kusa, reveals his love for them at the end. Twist to Jai character in the climax. Movie ends. Visit back for our frank review shortly.

– The reason Lava and Kusa decided to die for their brother Jai looks unconvincing.

– Posani has a brief presence in the begining of the movie and he comes back towards the pre-climax.

– Lava and Kusa trying to convince Jai to reunite with them through a stage act came out well. So far this is the best emotional block in the movie.

– Swing Zara item number has been choreographed so well to capture the dancing ability of Tamannah. This song will be a big treat for the masses.

– Jr. NTR pairing with Raashi Khanna looks fresh on screen, same with Niveda Thomas too. But both heroines did not get any memorable role, though they have done their part well.

– The second half started with Jai using his brothers Lava and Kusa to convince his love interest Niveda Thomas and his political entry to convince people. Now all three characters look like Jai.

First Half Report:

– Jai Lava Kusa first-half runs more on entertainment and less on emotion. Jai kidnapping his brothers Lava and Kusa for interval bang leaves second half to be more interesting. Overall it is predictable yet entertaining first half.

– Ravan (Jai) makes his entry with a fight (one showed in the trailer).

– Tring Tring song is a dancing treat from Tarak. Choreography and styling are good.

– Kusa turns Lava to save him from his failing love story with Rashi and save his job from a cheating that happened in the bank loan. At the same time thief, Kusa wants to exchange the stolen cash using Lava’s bank job due to the demonetization effect.

– NTR as innocent Lava Kumar is so natural and real while Kusa keeps the screen lively.

– Kusa makes an accident and meets Lava. Both recognize each other. Innocent Lava sharing his struggle as a bank manager to Kusa.

– Kusa entry with Dochestha song. Tarak does energetic moves but the choreography is very routine.

– Jai, Lava and Kusa get separated when they were kids.

– Jai kid character is being established, how he gets insulted every time due to his stammering by uncle Posani and how he develops a negative character and eventually tries to kill his brothers in a cylinder blast.

– Jai Lava Kusa show started with Jai, Lava and Kusa child characters playing stage act.

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Preview: Jai Lava Kusa

Only a few titles evoke a certain kind of interest by the sole value of the sound of the words we pronounce. Like ‘Arjun Reddy’ title had this powerful value when we utter it, ‘Jai Lava Kusa‘ evokes certain expectations by the virtue of the title.

One must appreciate director Bobby aka KS Ravindra for coming up with a title like this. Nevertheless, there is no second opinion to say that he is the weak link of the film. With his previous movie’s credit, ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’ biting the dust, he truly has got nothing in terms of adding to the film’s pre-release business.

  NTR’s Top 5 Premiers
S# Movie Collections
1 Janatha Garage $584 K
2 Nannaku Prematho $355 K
3 Temper $258 K
4 Baadshah $227 K
5 Dammu $170 K

If the movie works well, it will be a breather for his career and Bobby will get more big offers from star heroes. So, the only star and the artist to get away with the booty if the films scores a super hit will be NTR, for sure. Any doubts?

The three roles he essayed in the film are the USP of ‘Jai Lava Kusa‘. Especially, the negative role is creating interest for the kind of dialogue delivery with stuttering. NTR is not only a terrific dancer but also a terrific performer. If the director had doled out something worthy, NTR is sure going to add value to that.

The Nandamuri hero is on the peaks of his career with three consecutive hits in the form of ‘Temper‘, ‘Naannaku Prematho‘ and ‘Janata Garage‘. This film’s success is going to add more value to his star power. His next with director Trivikram will get an added advantage with JLK’s success as the director is enjoying a dream run at the box-office.

  NTR’s TOP 5 US Grossers
S# Movie Collections
1 Nannaku Prematho $2 Million
2 Janatha Garage $1.8 Million
3 Baadshah $1.2 Million
4 Temper $1 Million
5 Rabhasa $401 K

Devi Sri Prasad’s album got a mixed response for the dull tunes. Overall, it’s not one among his best of the albums. So, a lot depends on the visuals for those songs and the background score he had delivered. Let’s see if DSP was able to elevate the film’s mood with proper BGM.

Coming to the heroines, Raasi Khanna looks like she will fill the void for the glamour show and Nivetha Thomas might have some interesting role to deliver.

One thing is clear. NTR’s movie is getting the best release ever in both the domestic market and in the overseas though it is a midweek release and hence expecting good openings. Going by trailer, it is a minimum guarantee commercial entertainer which could turn into a massive hit.

Will this movie make NTR to walk away with all the laurels? Will director Bobby jump into the safe zone in his career? Wait for a couple of hours. The wait will be worth as our mirchi9 team will be back with a comprehensive Jai Lava Kusa review. Stay tuned.

Jai Lava Kusa US Premier total collection live: $560,699 K from 168 locations. (Refresh for latest update)