OTT Audience Reviews

Now, there is a growing trend of criticizing films that performed decently or were hits in theaters. This segment of the audience selectively goes to theaters but watches almost every film on OTT platforms at home, then takes to social media to review them.

The common trend among this audience is to label successful theater releases as overrated, average, or outright bad. On the flip side, they consider films that failed in theaters as underrated, marking a new trend on social media.

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For instance, recent releases like “Premalu” are labeled average by some, while “Gaami” is hailed as underrated, and a segment of viewers who watched “Om Bheem Bush” consider it outright trash.

The question arises: how can these individuals experience the theater atmosphere at home, especially when they watch these movies while multitasking, such as working in the kitchen or doing office work?

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Even in theaters, audiences often reach for their phones during songs or boring scenes to check messages, affecting their engagement with the film. When watching on laptops or TVs at home, this distraction is amplified.

Moreover, when a new film releases in theaters, regardless of its quality, it carries a fresh appeal. This is lacking when watched at home weeks later. Films like “Om Bheem Bush” particularly benefit from the collective laughter and reactions in theaters, unlike watching alone at home.

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These subtle nuances make a significant difference. However, this new trend is extremely distressing for actors, directors, and everyone associated with a project when they see their film being trolled and abused even after passing the crucial theater test.