OmRaut-Kriti-Sanon-TirumalaTirumala is a divine place for Hindus and everyone who visits the holy shrine is expected to follow a strict and traditional regime. There are times when film stars are lambasted for wearing slippers in Tirumala.

Now, Adipurush director, Om Raut is in the firing line for kissing goodbye to Kriti Sanon after Srivari Darshan at Tirumala.

Going into the story, Kriti and Raut offered prayers at Tirumala temple today. While departing, Om Raut gave a goodbye kiss to Kriti on the cheek. This is a customary one for the Bollywood folk. While the act might be routine, the place where Raut did it, has caused an uproar.

There is a huge uproar on social media regarding the same. Many people are commenting that Raut has crossed the line by kissing a woman while at the holy shrine of Tirumala.

BJP Tirupati leader Bhanu Chandra Reddy has demanded the director to immediately apologize to Tirumala pilgrims for his act. There is a lot of such uproar all over.

Om Raut surely wouldn’t have been expecting his greeting kiss to cause a spur. He is now in the midst of a controversy. This might not be intentional from the director, who looks like a sensible guy in general, but he is now in a tough spot, more so with Adipurush releasing in a week’s time.