Harish ShankarDirector Harish Shankar is known for his aggressive behavior, both online and offline. He is more famous for mass-blocking people on social media for various reasons.

Today, he engaged in a verbal war with fans regarding his Ustaad Bhagat Singh. He attempted to lecture a fan who was teasing him.

Shortly after, a Twitter user discovered another account, which many started to suspect was Harish Shankar’s proxy ID. This account had replies filled with abuses while defending Harish Shankar. At some point, many believed that it was Harish Shankar using a fake ID to counter the fans on Twitter.

It reached a point where he had to clarify from his official handle. He wrote, “Excuse me, first of all, nenu evariki bhayapanu sir… analakunnappudu naa acc lone post chestaa inko acc naaku akkarledu… having said that, I don’t encourage foul language, even if they use it to defend me… I won’t encourage it!!! Guys, please stop this nonsense. I don’t need your support if it comes with vulgar and foul language. I can defend myself!”

Many people in the industry are active on social media, but not all know how to handle it, as they expose their weaknesses from time to time.