LEO-A-History-of-ViolenceLokesh Kanagaraj is coming up with an action entertainer for Thalapathy Vijay titled Leo. Unconfirmed sources say that the film is heavily adapted from David Cronenberg’s cult classic gangster flick, ‘A History of Violence,’ released in the year 2005.

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The film marks the second collaboration between the actor-filmmaker duo after Master. There is speculation that the project is part of the Lokesh Kanagaraj universe he created with Kamal Haasan’s Vikram a year ago.

The Telugu audience has already seen the scene-to-scene remake of ‘A History Of Violence,’ in the form of Gaayam 2 in 2010 starring Jagapathi Babu.

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But it is obvious that Lokesh might have just taken the core point from the Hollywood film and given it his own spin. He is too talented to blindly copy a Hollywood film and shove it down the audience’s throats.

The Telugu poster for the film ‘Leo,’ was released yesterday. It features Vijay in a contemplative mood against a snowy mountain backdrop. The poster includes the message “Keep calm and avoid the battle,” adding intrigue to the film’s theme.

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