Roja LogicYCP leaders have their own way of spinning stories that cater to their political interests and they have started to do the same thing with their absurd logic on the anticipatory bail petition filed by Nara Lokesh.

Now, Roja has made a wild comment on Lokesh applying for anticipatory bail with regard to the Amaravati Inner Ring Road case.

“Lokesh is scared that he will get caught in this scam and that’s why he is asking for anticipatory bail in the case. He has committed fraud and hence the fear.” She said.

But there’s a point to be noted here. If Lokesh applying for anticipatory bail is an indication that he is fearing getting caught and it’s a sense of guilt, then the same logic applies to Avinash Reddy who applied for anticipatory bail in his uncle Viveka’s murder case and even got it approved.

“If Roja’s logic is such that Lokesh is guilty in the Inner Ring Road case, then Avinash too should be guilty in Viveka’s murder case. Moreover, Avinash is pursued by the CBI, a central agency which adds multifold credence to it.” a netizen commented.